Therapy. The Head Kind.

We've discussed Pelvic Floor therapy and other physical therapy with your OBGYN and physical therapists. This isn't that article.

Let's address whole health focusing with what's inside your head.

How many of you have heard cultural and social biases against "head-shrinks" or have actually heard yourself or someone else say that they're not someone that needs a therapist–you have wine and your girlfriends for that, right?

Ask anyone who has had successful therapy. They'll tell you it's worth every penny. 

I admit, I was a bit in denial. My best friend had a therapist that worked wonders after her physical and sexual assault and PTSD resulting from that experience. I was definitely supportive, but still didn't want to address my own personal deep seated issues and memories. We've all had sexual abuse or a traumatic experience of one kind or another, right? What makes me so special to take that next step? It wasn't until reading Bradshaw's On the Family, that it really solidified the need to actually visit a professional therapist.

Therapy is not just not about abuse or crazy fucked-up shit in your past or present even–it's much more than. I went for months before I even brought up what I had considered "heavy shit", so, no the heavy shit is not what you think it is. Therapy focuses more on addressing childhood triggers and the poisonous pedagogy that applies to most of us. Look up co-dependency to get an idea of what may affect you–that you may not even realize.

My personal example is that I had been clinging to thirty pounds of baby weight that I earned with my first child. She was four and no matter what diet or exercise I tried. It still clung there. I tried the Keto/paleo diet and that was a great kick-off; my hormones really reacted to the better quality fat content and no sugar. I truly felt better. However, it wasn't until I started therapy that my entire thought process about my body and my weight changed. With therapy, I truly started to accept my body in its current state–I no longer made plans or wardrobe changes based on what my future self would be "once I lost the weight". I do continue a non-calorie counting mash-up of a whole food, paleo, no sugar diet–but, only with therapy, do my efforts result in a better feeling of self. It radiates through my body, both physically and behaviorally.

Here at Hysteria, we encourage increasing your brain power when it comes to being healthy. When we heal inside out out, by addressing important self-esteem issues and truly changing our behaviors, weight starts to melt off, yes, but more than the happens: we look better, and we also feel better. Our energy and life force increases and it is a complete overall transformation.

Whole health and wellness, is just that–being whole, mind and body. Hysteria Wellness has a goal to influence and provide aid for you to be your best, confident, independent self. This is why we bring up therapy as a top solution: clear your head, be the best you.

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