Books that changed our lives.

And can change yours, too.

We can't say enough about these recommendations. This is just a short list, keep an eye out for more detailed book reviews here.

1) Crucial Conversations and Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny. These are a great start to changing your life. Emotional intelligence or EQ is paramount for any positive change in your life. Reading these books has literally kept some of our staff from divorce and strengthened communications with family and friends as well as dialogue to ourselves. We suggest to start with crucial conversations to build and navigate through relationships; then use change anything to change your own behavior.

2) The Obesity Code, Dr. Jason Fung covers the hormone insulin and how it actually functions in your body in detail. He explains diets and intermittent fasting with real DATA and research that will totally change your thoughts about how, when and what you eat. It blew our minds. We've collectively lost inches, more than pounds; and we feel fantastic!

3) The Keto Diet, Leanne Vogel provides a guide and several diet plan books for a Keto diet/way of eating SPECIFICALLY designed for women. Turns out, yes, we still need carbs. And it's okay to eat them–even on a keto diet. Yay! Plus, our hormones really like carbs. This link is for the main book, however, you can also start with the The Keto Beginning and then advance to Fat-Fueled.

4) Positive Discipline, Jane Nelsen. We know it's technically marketed for dealing specifically with children, however, if you apply these same principles to those around you–young and old–you will get amazing feedback. And if you do have children? Start using this NOW. The cooperation is astounding.  We use the positive discipline with each other all the time. Our favorite rule: Firm, but kind. We seriously use this EVERY DAY with EVERYONE. 

5) On the Family, John Bradshaw revealed the trade secrets of therapists to allow all of us to get to the root of our issues–even if we didn't think we had any. Seriously, this one is a whammy. See the article about therapy. You'll need it after reading/listening to this one.

6) The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene. Just do it. However, caution, it's lengthy for an audio book. We suggest listening in segments and then use the actual book for a reference guide. EVERYTHING revolves around the feeling of power. If you want full control over your life and how others influence you, use this book.

7) The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris. Once you get your hormones, sleep, diet, and mind balanced, and have your therapy going... You'll start to feel more confident with your emotional intelligence and will totally be communicating better and gaining control of your power and influence over others. Sounds good, right? Now, it's time to change your life completely. Again. You are now ready to get your time back to enjoy your new found self. The 4-Hour Workweek is an incredible guide to change the 9-5 lifestyle habit into an early retirement lifestyle. This book is the kickstart our creator DiLou used to make Hysteria™ a reality. Yeah, it's worth a look.

8) Sex at Dawn, by Christopher Ryan and Cecilia Jetha. Get ready for another whammy. This book takes an anthropologist look at how we mate. Questioning monogamy? Or not. This book goes into detail on so many topics about how we mate and why. Our attitudes towards the opposite sex and how we came to view each other. It's truly fascinating and introduces theories that explain natural human behavior. You'll see references back to this book as we explore our female sexual health. See this article about why it's important to masturbate.



**Most of these books we listened to with audible with the exception of the Keto Beginning which was a pdf file. All books are linked to for ease of purchasing. 

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