The "Cure" by Hysteria
The "Cure" by Hysteria
The "Cure" by Hysteria
The "Cure" by Hysteria
The "Cure" by Hysteria
The "Cure" by Hysteria

The "Cure" by Hysteria

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When all else fails...

here is the CURE.
As you can see, The Cure covers all the bases. When your meaningful overnight relationship (MOR) with your BFF just doesn't quite get the job done, we offer the Cure, to well, just that, cure.
  • Solution recommendation: Our luxury line is primarily for sexual health and exploring female sexuality. The Cure's unique shape and flexibility provides stimulation to the g-spot, clitoris, and taint/anal touch simultaneously with TWO powerful double motors. It also has a smart heating function for a warming sensation. Let us repeat that: it also adds a WARMING SENSATION. Yeah, we know, its exciting. Feel free to explore and balance those hormones with mind-blowing endorphin releasing orgasms. 
  • How to use: It has a remote with control button to change speeds, variations and sensations. The heating function button is on the Cure next to power on/off button. Use USB/DC power cable to plug in and charge, light will blink while charging. It will not operate while plugged in. 
  • Tips and Tricks: This is more of a personal exploration tool and we encourage you to set yourself up for success. Create personal time in which you can relax and won't be disturbed.. Empty your bladder, make sure your Cure is clean and have lubricant near by if needed. Relax and let the Cure transform you.
  • Materials: Medical Grade Silicon.
  • Size: Insertion depth: @ 4 inches. Girth: 1.25 inches at widest section. Length of outside section: 4.5 inches.
  • Source: Responsibly produced by our manufacturer in Asia.
  • Care: To clean, use soap and warm to hot water.
  • What's in the box: The Cure by Hysteria®, power supply DC/USB cable, and Hysteria® green gift bag.
  • In stock: YES
  • Accessory Set You will receive the CURE, Coconut Oil, and the Hysteria Wellness® Towel.



Top 3 reasons why we love it:

  1. It's a magical apparatus.
  2. It's super flexible and stimulates more than we thought was possible.
  3. Did we mention the heating function? It provides warming... mmm.



 *Please use responsibly and with good sense practices. Hysteria LLC is not responsible for misuse of products. Please see our Medical Liability Release for more information.

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