The "MOR" by Hysteria
The "MOR" by Hysteria
The "MOR" by Hysteria
The "MOR" by Hysteria

The "MOR" by Hysteria

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Our Meaningful Overnight Relationship

also identified as The MOR.

It's bold, big and flexible. And it has this amazing magnetic charger, rendering it the most waterproof and sleek tool ever. The medical grade silicon is super smooth with small ridges at the top that are just right without being too much.

  • Solution recommendation: Our luxury line is primarily for sexual health and exploring female sexuality. The MOR goes a bit further than the BFF or classic stimulator alone, it's simply more... With a strong vibration and super smooth and flexible body, we recommend use whenever the desire strikes you.
  • How to use: Four control buttons with a high/low setting on top, (+) and (-) keys to change sensation settings, and a power on/off button on bottom. We found it super easy to navigate the buttons and it's powered by Magic.  Also known as a magnetic charging cable that connects and charges via two magnets on the bottom. A light will blink while charging and it will not operate while plugged in. 
  • Tips and Tricks:  The MOR is a wonderful tool and we encourage you to set yourself up for success. Create personal time in which you can relax and won't be disturbed, or create a safe space for exploration with a partner. Empty your bladder, make sure your MOR is clean and have lubricant (we like coconut oil) near by. Let the creativity flow. Some of us like to have the MOR with our BFFs...
  • Materials: Medical Grade Silicon.
  • Size: A curved 8.5 inches long and 1.5 inches at widest girth.
  • Source: Responsibly produced by our manufacturer in Asia.
  • Care: To clean, use soap and warm to hot water.
  • What's in the box: The MOR by Hysteria®, magnetic power supply DC/USB cable, and Hysteria® green gift bag.
  • In stock: Yes
  • Accessory Set You will receive the MOR, Coconut Oil, and the Hysteria Wellness® Towel.



Top 3 reasons why we love it:

  1. Super smooth and seamless.
  2. The magnetic charging cable is truly magic and it's 100% water proof.
  3. A versatile tool.



 *Please use responsibly and with good sense practices. Hysteria LLC is not responsible for misuse of products. Please see our Medical Liability Release for more information.

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