About Hysteria® and Hysteria Wellness®


        We know a lot of women, ourselves included, have searched stores, friends, other women, the internet; and the world over–for solutions to what makes us who we are. Our actions, our behaviors, our bodies, our sexualities, our every-things, can be a conundrum, even to ourselves. And that’s okay. For centuries, this “conundrum” was called female hysteria and has been implicated as good, bad, ugly and everything in between by doctors and societies alike. 

        After thoroughly researching the History of Female Hysteria and realizing the affect it’s had on women, and men, throughout history and in the present; we decided it was time for a revision. We have been inspired to revolutionize this idea of hysteria. It's not just about behavior or our sexuality–they are all inclusive to what makes us whole.


The Beginning

        Health and sexuality has truly come a long way, however, it’s still not at acceptable equality. Female monthly cycles for example are still a taboo in public. The naming and location of “feminine hygiene products” in stores, to the use of “blue or green mystery liquid” for blood absorption is still an example of this. And then there’s sexual health that becomes hugely uncomfortable if female masturbation or orgasmic pleasures are discussed openly. This awkwardness can lead to serious health issues, mentally and physically. Incontinence for example, is an issue that we hesitate to freely talk about in most company. We accept it when it happens, because generations before us said it was “normal” and gave examples on how to “deal” with it. When, actually, no incontinence is not a "normal” condition that is un-treatable; and there are so many solutions out there, if only we felt more comfortable to ask for help…


       “When asked about the inspiration for Hysteria ® and Hysteria Wellness®, I start with the issue of incontinence. After a third degree tear when my daughter was born, I couldn’t sneeze, jump or cough without incident. A hard laugh or spontaneous sneeze in conjunction with an instantaneous urine squirt would have me running for the nearest bathroom to assess the leak and do damage control. I “dealt” with this for almost two years. My female role models and almost every other woman I knew that had gone through childbirth, had told me “this is the way this is now” and there was this unspoken expectation to accept such things because it came with motherhood. 


       Luckily, my 1800s hysteria symptom “the tendency to question authority” gave me the courage to question this “acceptance” and I  asked my GYN, “isn’t there something that can stop this?” She referred me to a pelvic floor therapist, also a GYN. My world began to change for the better instantly as my pelvic floor journey began.


      This experience was transforming; because, shockingly, nearly every time incontinence was brought up among my fellow mom friends–I provided the knowledge I was learning, and almost every single time–this was new information to them.


This was truly a problem.


      With so many resources from my doctor and pelvic floor therapists, plus the new specific tools and exercises that are available; how could I not share this information with everyone? And this is just about the pelvic floor...

       I have always been able to openly talk sexuality, but there are so many that aren't. The more I brought up topics, the more I realized this is such a global issue. Sexuality is a human issue. There are so many other pieces that I have been constantly learning from this journey and adding to my knowledge of anatomy, sexuality and conundrums of the psyche as well as how we interact as a whole.


To me the purpose is simple.


     Share unlimited knowledge to as many people as much as I possibly can. Be the catalyst to change the world; starting with what I know and feel passionately about: whole and complete health that includes our sexuality. And, let's do this with history changing intent using the term hysteria. That's how Hysteria® and Hysteria Wellness® was created.”


        Pelvic floor restoration is our start, but the ultimate mission is whole and complete health and wellness. Re-envisioning the out of date term hysteria into a full-scale movement that brings sexual health to a new level as part of whole health, with a new cultural perception without taboo.


 Female Health & Wellness

        The female reproductive system is complex. We as humans, as women, are complex. Whole health is just that–the entire body: physical, mental and everything in between. We started with incontinence, but our solutions goal is to provide solutions for as much as possible. From pelvic floor restoration, cycle health, activating and balancing hormones, mental clarity, and providing resources to be free from sexual depression–to any issue that needs a solution–for you as a woman, to be empowered to take control of your whole and complete health and sexuality and be your best confident self.

        Our solutions include physical products, and what we like to call The Index. The Index is source for the growth of knowledge: education, reviews, advice, information, scientific research, peer to peer communication, topics such as behavioral, emotional, environmental, physical, enlightenment, and creativity (to name a few). We want to provide confidence, support, and community. To provide whatever we can to help others achieve whole and complete wellness. 

       We focused our website and beginnings on women due to the founders and creators being women and starting with the knowledge that we know personally. However, our goals are much broader and more inclusive. Our goal is to focus the discussion on how we as a collective, fit into relationships and how sexuality is a human issue, not just a cultural and societal one. We encourage and support any contributions and feedback to include all of us, regardless of gender or cultural differences.


Solution Sourcing

        We love science, and do try to research the fuck out of everything involving our solutions. Not only do we look for the best solutions available, but also, for the most natural, health-friendly and environmentally conscience options available. All of the products provided have been thoroughly tested and reviewed by our all-women research and development team. And, when we can’t find exactly what meets our standards? We source or create it ourselves based on the crowd-sourced reviews and intel. On our products page, we feature other's products in addition to our own. It’s a true mixture of the best that we can find to solve our needs. And more is being added all the time as more requests come in, and more experimenting takes place.


The Fundamental Objective

        Do you have Amazon Prime? Most of us do. Most of us also have a few other subscription websites, and coupon sites and trips to wholesale and outlet stores… It’s a lot to keep up with. What if you had just one place to get all of your female health needs? And you didn’t have to leave the house? Our goal is to provide that one website. Eliminating multiple sourcing creates more time for you to find the solutions you need, in the most convenient and secure way possible.

        And it’s not just for physical products. Weird questions? Looking for something for a thing that you forgot the name of? Don’t want to hassle through the endless lists provided by Google? We’ve got you covered there as well. The Knowledge Index is structured to provide the resources and information you seek, with quick shortcuts and reviews to get to well researched non-marketed answers–as fast as possible. Using crowd-sourced real information.

        We want to bring the female community together to solve and provide solutions as the unique system is was evolved to be. And then bring everyone else into the fold as much as possible. Sexuality is a human issues. Our health is a human issue. 

        We are stronger together. And we should influence and provide the courage to change the world’s perception of female hysteria and sexuality. Even if the term has started to disappear, the idea is still alive. So, let’s use the term to change the idea. 


        Hysteria® and Hysteria Wellness® is the new movement. To aid and encourage the re-definition of sexuality–as an open-minded and accepted quality of whole and complete health.

We are Women.

We are Human.

It’s time to roar.






Our Creator & Catalyst