100% Organic Cotton Tampons
100% Organic Cotton Tampons

100% Organic Cotton Tampons

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We love free-bleeding...
However, at times, you just need a tampon. We get that, too. Our featured brand at the moment is seventh generation regular sized tampons. We like their organic cotton tampons for their consistency and trusted brand of true organic products.
  • Solution recommendation: To use on heavy days as back-up with your favorite pads or period panties and to carry for emergencies because their compact and easy to stash anywhere!
  • How to use: Wash hands and remove plastic wrapper. Squish the tampon a bit to open it up for flow. Choose a comfortable position (one leg up, squat, or laying down) and insert slowly. Be sure that all of the tampon is located inside the vagina, you should be able to feel it after you remove your fingers/hand. Wash hands and if any discomfort is felt. Remove it and try again. Removal: if you tug or try to shift the tampon and it does not move, it has not absorbed to capacity, it should slide out easily when fully saturated. Do not leave tampons in for more than 8 hours (look up TSS here).
  • Tips and Tricks: So... not a lot of people know about the loosen-the-tampon trick! These are called "digital" tampons because they are applicator free and you just use your fingers (aka digits) for insertion. These organic digital tampons are packed tightly inside their plastic wrapper. Now while this makes it easy to insert, some have difficultly getting the tampon fully saturated and end up pulling them out barely used or have leakage issues due to how tight the cotton is packed. This is why we suggest the "Palm Squish" trick. The Palm Squish is exactly that. You take the tampon out of its plastic wrapper and push the tip into you palm to bunch the tampon. This separates it a bit and allows the cotton fibers to open more to allow more saturation once it's inside. Experiment with your palm squish to get the right amount of cotton loosened while as not fraying or making your tampon too difficult to insert. Check out our video on the "Palm Squish"!
  • Ingredients: Certified organic cotton (absorbent material and string), water repellent wax (string). *Processed 100% totally chlorine free (hydrogen peroxide).
  • Source: Seventh Generation, Inc Made in USA
  • Care: Please don't flush! As tampons do clog septic systems and contribute to those nasty fat-burgs (just look that up). Be kind and responsible, wrap that baby in some toilet tissue and place in a trash can. It will biodegrade at its final destination.
  • Quantities: The box we currently have is the 20 count of regular absorbency in the non-applicator, digital style tampons.
  • In stock: Yes



Top 3 reasons why we love them:

  1. Because tampons are great to have stashed for emergencies and for friends in need. 
  2. We love Seventh Generation Organic products.
  3. They totally work when you do the Palm Squish!


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