The Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand - Classic & Deluxe Set
The Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand - Classic & Deluxe Set
The Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand - Classic & Deluxe Set
The Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand - Classic & Deluxe Set
The Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand - Classic & Deluxe Set

The Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand - Classic & Deluxe Set

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Want the best of both wands?
We thought so. 
Treat yourself with each of the Deluxe and Classic–they both truly have their own stimulating attributes. Specially designed for Pelvic Floor Massage, these tools are easy to maneuver for massage and sensual touch.
We love our Crystal Wands! 
  • Solution recommendation: Perfect for reaching those hard to reach spots in your pelvic floor, for g-spot stimulation, and exploring other sensual areas.
  • How to use: Set yourself up for success. Create personal time in which you can relax and won't be disturbed. Empty your bladder, make sure your wand is clean and have lubricant (we like coconut oil) near by. Spots to aim for: the most likely stressed pelvic floor muscles will be located like a circle around your vaginal opening and towards you anus and colon; your g-spot is likely located inside your vaginal canal directly behind your clitoris. It varies for each person, but this is a great spot to start exploring. *note: when stimulating the g-spot, you might feel the urge to urinate, this is totally normal. 
  • Tips and Tricks: Be gentle on your muscles at first until you find your sweet spots. This can act like a deep tissue massage on your pelvic floor, so do a session and then give your pelvic floor a rest for a day or two before going again.
  • Materials: Hard, clear Lucite
  • Size: Classic: 7.5 inches across, 7/8 inch diameter Deluxe: 7 inches across, 1/2 inch at the slim end, 1 inch diameter at ball massage end.
  • Source: created by Nectar Products, Inc. 
  • Care: To clean, use soap and warm or hot water, or hydrogen peroxide. For 100% natural antibacterial cleansing: use 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract per 1 cup water. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL based products on Lucite.
  • What's in the box: One of each of the Classic Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand and Deluxe Pelvic Floor Crystal Wand in your choice of four options: both in Passion Purple, both in Crystal Clear, or set of Passion Purple Deluxe and Crystal Clear Classic, or Crystal Clear Deluxe and Passion Purple Classic. Each wand will arrive in its own attractive gift bag.
  • In stock: Yes


Top 3 reasons we love it:

  1. Why choose between the two? Oh yeah, we don't have to.
  2. Variety.
  3. These wands really do reach those hard to reach places.


What a few of our team members and customers have said:

 "I love having both for different places ;)" -GH



*Also featured on HBO's Real Sex Series # 23, appeared in Penthouse Magazine, Libido and Playgirl Magazines, and featured on the front page of New Yorks DESIGN Magazine.


 *Please use responsibly and with good sense practices. Hysteria LLC is not responsible for misuse of products. Please see our Medical Liability Release for more information.

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