Organic Cotton Reusable Cycle Pads

Organic Cotton Reusable Cycle Pads

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Soft. Absorbent. Reusable. 

Absorbent, soft organic cotton with a leak proof barrier to have your period in comfort. And they have snaps! 

  • Solution recommendation: With four varieties to choose from, you can choose which size is best to use on light to heavy days of your cycle.
  • How to use: Lay flat in bottom of underwear, soft side up, wrap around and use snaps to secure underneath. Experiment to find the right size for your flow. Rinse in cool water and toss in the wash with like colors. 
  • Tips and Tricks: We like to fold them up and use the snap to secure when we travel. We like to use a waterproof cloth bag to carry soiled ones when a washer is not available.
  • Ingredients: 100% organic cotton 
  • Source: manufactured by our partner's shop in Asia.
  • Care: Please don't flush. These are reusable! Rinse after use and they can be left to wash in the next load of laundry of like color on delicate in cool to warm water. Gentle Dryer setting or hang in the sun.
  • Sizes: Small/Liner, Medium, Large, Overnight
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Your purchase counts! A percentage of all cycle health solutions purchased will be donated to PERIOD, a non-profit organization primarily focused in providing menstrual products to high school students. Check out the amazing things this organization is doing at

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